Get fit (ter)…. have great fun …….and fundraise.


Hannah would have been 30 years old this year, so in her memory we are hoping you’ll join us in going just a little crazy in our Wheels 30 challenge.


You wheel for 'thirty' - centimetres, metres, miles, or for thirty seconds, minutes, or maybe even hours......On the wheels of your choice, be it on a bike, wheelchair, pram, rollerblades …... do the 'thirty' individually or share them between a group of friends, family members, club, study group, college, school…. 


The time to prepare is now, we are 'wheeling' over the month of August.


Don’t give yourselves any more time to think! 


Register now for £10 to sign up as a group, as a family, as a club or as an individual.


We will send you fundraising information and a promotional flyer.


In addition we will post you one free ‘Wheels for 30’ cotton t-shirt in the size of your choice to a nominated address.


Additional 'Wheels for 30' t-shirts for adults and children can also be purchased.


Adult t-shirts are £8.00 each, childrens t-shirts are £6.00 each. Buy extra t-shirts here.


To donate to the Wheels 30 Challenge please click here


Wheels 30 - Registration

  • By paying £10 here you can register your commitment to finding some wheels and doing '30' in some way. We will send you ideas for how to do this and guidance on planning a cycling route if cycling is how you are rising to the challenge. The registration pack will include ideas on how to fundraise as well as, most importantly, a Wheels 30 t-shirt.

    Please let us know what size you would like: large, medium or small. 

    If you are organsing a group and want to order more t-shirts please order here.