Hannah wrote this about herself and her work in 2013:

'I like producing abstract art using bright colours to create a powerful image.  Martin Bush and Van Gogh (Blue Period) are two artists that have greatly influenced my creative outbursts.  


I have a medical condition called Pfeiffer Syndrome that effects my hearing and eyesight leaving me as registered blind and with a guide dog (the wonderful Bella).  Because of my medical condition I am often in-and-out of hospital, which can be incredibly hard and has in the past caused me to be depressed.  It is these two elements which have driven me to do my art, as it allows me to communicate my emotions and fears to doctors and loved ones and to act as therapy to get myself through difficult and painful times.  Futhermore, this is also why colour is so important in my art, as it allows me to communicate emotion.  It is through these personal experiences that I discovered the power of art as a coping mechanism and realised I could help others through issues they face in their lives.  I am currently a volunteer in an Art Therapy group in Liskeard that deals with people of all ages with a wide range of issues which, whilst challenging, interests me greatly.


Hannah with her work Oct 2014.JPG

I use a range if techniques in my paintings such as palette knife, squeezy bottle and sponge.  I also use my hands to paint as I feel more connected to my art and it is also allows me to have more control over how the paint lies on the canvas.  My artwork builds upon abstract backgrounds with some pieces incorporating floral elements, nudity or the explosion of colour.  I also create pieces using air drying clay, and these abstract figures often tell a story or convey emotion.'

Hannah Lindfield lost her battle with life on November 25th 2014 - she wrote the words below in October 2014:

"I studied Fine Art at Plymouth Art College but unfortunately I had to give it up due to ongoing health problems. I use painting to portray my emotions, as this for me is my therapy, it's one of the things that has stayed with me for a long time. I always look out for new techniques to create new pieces. I have a particular Palette knife that has stayed with me through out. I get ideas from listening to music, or inspirations from other artists. I alway try to push myself daily to be better. I paint abstract artwork, using bold colours to convey strong emotions and apply them to canvas.'