Heather Chang

Heather Chang

I’m Heather, I went to The West of England School with Hannah and am registered blind. Because of my friendship with Hannah since early teenage years I’ve been around the Lindfield clan for around 15 years. When I was at University studying Sociology with International Relations Hannah would visit my flat and stay over night doing her best Darth Vader impression with her overnight oxygen, she was quite the houseguest with all her food requirements but I do recall a delicious ratatouille she taught me to cook. In turn my flat was the catalyst for Hannah to live independently in her own flat.


In my final year at Uni my sight significantly reduced. At this time Hannah had been a long established Guide Dog owner with her dog Bella and convinced me into applying for my own. Our dogs Susie and Bella enjoyed many free runs together. Bella is no longer with Milli and Mark and my Susie has been retired. My current dog is Ella.

Hannah was very poorly when I found out I was expecting my son and was the first person I told...therefore by default Milli and Mark too because unknowingly I was on speaker phone! Milli now helps me as my PA and is currently doing a sterling job home educating Ethan who will be 5 in two weeks (as he keeps reminding me every 5 minutes!).


Like with fellow trustee Zoe, the employment game has been a difficult one to gain a foothold in, so I feel very privileged to be a trustee for HF. The role that I’ve fallen into is marketing and social media. If you are on Facebook it’s me who keeps bombarding your news feeds! Some of you may be thinking “marketing for a blind person is an odd combination” and you would be right. However, my very talented husband is a sign writer and has helped us produce banners, graphics and soon to be announced new marketing materials. With his eye for detail and my propensity for extreme lengthy prose I dare say you’ll be seeing lots from us Changs.


It’s a real honour to work with the Lindfield family and the various offshoots, they really are the nicest and down to earth family you’ll ever meet.