Hannah's Fund 

On the 19th October 2016 the Lindfield family along

with Psychology Associates were very proud and needless to say, excited to announce the official launch of

Hannah's Fund. The Fund became a charity on November 201st 2017 and it has been entered onto the Register of Charities as Charity Number 1175857. Trustee information can be found here.

The idea of Hannah's Fund has been achieved with the generosity of so many people and the guidance and support of Psychology Associates.

The charity has been set up in memory of Hannah who often talked of the lack of emotional support for youngsters like herself and the families around these young people. 

The purpose of the charity is 'To provide relief of suffering and preservation of good health of children, young people and adults affected by craniofacial conditions by providing financial support to enable them to be able to have access to psychotherapy sessions to help them deal with any psychological issues connected with the conditions'. This will be achieved by working with Psychology Associates to provide free psychotherapy sessions to any person with or affected by Craniosynostosis who feels they need some support.

You can read an account from Sally, a woman who has lived with Crouzons all her life by clicking here. Sally has been inspired to write a story about how Hannah's Fund would have benefitted her if it was around when she was a child and what Hannah's Fund will mean to those with cranio facial conditions. 


You can find our referral form here 


To apply to the fund, having read the criteria for applicants below. Details of where to send the form are listed below:


At present we are a small charity with limited funds. With our fundraising we are continuing to grow. Our aim is always to achieve the following:


1. Hannahs Fund will provide support for any person affected by Craniosynostosis or other facial disfigurement. 


2. Any age will be considered but priority will be given to the 11 to 21 age group (as this was very important to Hannah)


3. Hannahs Fund will endeavour to always continue support to current clients where the priority need is linked to Craniosynostosis.

4. HF will also provide support to people affected by being a relative or within the peer group of the individual with disfigurement.


5. The service is nationwide but will depend on the availability of a psychotherapist.


4. No financial assessment will be required. The  cost of the psychotherapy sessions will be covered by HF. No other costs can be covered (eg travel).


5. The psychotherapy sessions will NOT be limited, however after 8 sessions a review will need to take place. If for any reason we have more people seeking support than we can fund the ordered criteria above will apply.

The referral form can either be emailed to enquiry@psychologyassociates.org.uk or posted to Psychology Associates, 41-43 Lower Fore Street, Saltash, PL12 6JQ

If you would like to donate to Hannah's Fund please do so by our the Virgin Money Giving fundraising page

Fundraising efforts to date can be seen here

Please see the Facebook page for other information about this fund.