13th May 2017 

On the weekend of what would have been Hannah's 26th birthday we remembered a poem written for her just after she died. We continue to remember her every day but particularly on her birthday in May:

The Brave One


What to say about Hannah Kate?

So brave, so stoical – her family’s best mate

Life dealt this brave girlie an impossible hand

The odds slowly slipping like trickling sand

But let us remember the things that she did

In her rollercoaster life growing to adult from kid

So much achieved despite life being unfair

Her swimming, her art ..and rising to challenges as if taking a dare


She has left us bereft and wondering why

But she knew that the time had come for good bye

She wished us all well, she blessed all she knew

She was clear that all loved ones were not to be blue

So hold up your heads and be ready to cheer

As that brave one’s moved on with nothing to fear

She will stay in our memories and all that’s around

Cherished thoughts and real pictures will always abound

Go well, our dear brave one

Fly high and have fun!